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Model Railroading

Layouts - Updated - 10/14/2007
Visit my layouts and take a look at the progress of my current and past projects.

Rolling Stock Database - Updated - 01/07/2009
Take a look through my rolling stock. I have photographed my old HO stuff and the database is back! The N Scale database is up and I will take photographs of those someday soon!

Railfan Photos - Updated - 12/18/2006
I have taken a number of railfan photos from various places around the globe. I plan to focus my research on railroads that go through Raleigh, NC, primarily NS and some CSX.

Club Membership

I joined the North Raleigh Model Railroad Club (NRMRC) in April 2001 (upon making my switch to N scale). I was the Vice President in 2002, and President in 2003. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. For club information and our DCC documentation:

North Raleigh Model Railroad Club

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