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Check out my current and past projects below! If you have any questions or comments, please contact me!

Current Projects

Age 32 to ? - 10x13 N Scale Layout - Updated - 10/14/2007
I have finally taken the time and effort to reduce my computer footprint at home as well as reduce the amount of "stuff" I had cluttering up the 10x13 foot room I've called my home office (and dumping ground for things that didn't have a home) all these years. At the NRMRC club meeting in October 2007 I presented a design challenge to the group to design a layout for this space. Here are the design specs for this layout.

Past Projects

Age 26 to 31 - Coffee table N Scale layout - Updated - 10/14/2007
My coffee table layout was a failed effort. I have given up on this project. The trackwork was terrible, the plan too small for me and the coffee table was entirely too big (and ugly).

Age 27 to 29 - Breakneck Mountain Ntrak Module - (complete)
I was building a Breakneck Mountain Ntrak module based on Dick Christianson's version from Model Railroader in 1988. What I have includes photos, descriptions and how-to information up to where I stopped construction. I have donated the unfinished module to NRMRC.

Age 16 to 18 - 6x8 HO Scale layout - (complete)
This 6x8 layout was a disaster from the beginning. I was a teenager doing who knows what. I did build the modular framework, 2 - 2x4 and 2 - 2x6 sections, 48 inches up from the ground, with a cockpit in the middle. I did do scenery for the river and a hillside, but the project was later broken down. The river segment is now owned by a friend and is becoming an Ntrak module.

Age 11 to 15 - 4x5 HO Scale layout - (complete)
This 4x5 layout was virtually built entirely by me. My Dad did help me build the frame and attach it to the wall. Unbelievably, this layout squeezed in my 10x10 bedroom! It was also the first layout I've ever applied scenery to. I wanted to start practicing my techniques so when I did have the space for a larger layout, I'd be ready.

Age 3 to 10 - 4x8 HO scale layout, my first! - (complete)
My Dad built this HO 4x8 layout with me beginning when I was 3 years old! I only have 4 pictures of it, but we added all kinds of things over the years. It was never more than track on plywood and Atlas risers and I loved it! This is where my interest began in model railroading. Thanks Dad, Thanks Mom!

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