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Music is very much a part of my life. I play a variety of instruments: percussion, string and wind, all listed below. I had formal piano lessons as a young child and hated it by the time I finally quit, but am teaching myself again starting from scratch. I received some initial chord help with the guitar from my Dad and have since taught myself. I am teaching myself all the other instruments I play as well.

I am currently working on putting together a new project, check back later to see if that plays out. I have played the doumbek for local belly dancers and am also a member of the Raleigh Drum Circle.


Un-named New Project - seeking a beginning - 01/10/2007
I am getting ready to fire up a new project. I cannot wait to begin! I'm currently learning a few Trans-Siberian Orchestra tunes from The Lost Christmas Eve album. I plan to learn a little System of a Down as well. I'm feeling ambitious, so I want this project to be a meld of all kinds of different sounds. I play many different instruments at varying levels. Starting on 1/15/2007 I'll be in a chanter course, beginners course which leads to playing bagpipes. Bands like Enter the Haggis use the bagpipes in a kick ass way, just listen for yourself. Write me on the Contact page if you are curious about me or this project idea.

Zindagi - May 2006 - January 2007
I played doumbek with Zindagi which played a mixture of tunes from India, Turkey, Africa, Spain, and more.

Rhythmicity - February 2004 - June 2006
I played with Rhythmicity (a percussion ensemble) which played African, Afro-Cuban, and other world rhythms.

Various blasts from the past
I played in various groups in 1999-2000 playing my electric guitar. None of these ever consisted of an actual performance unfortunately. They were Obstacle Intercourse - originals and covers, alt/hard rock; Shorty and the Stouts - hard rock/metal and college rugby party stuff; and an unamed group of folks who played some 80's metal like Iron Maiden, Manowar and Metallica in the drummer's garage until his wife had a baby! Needless to say none of them went anywhere, but they were fun experiences!

Instruments I Play

Bagpipes - Updated - 09/02/2007
On 1/15/2007 I start a beginners chanter course. Learning to play the chanter is the first step towards becoming a bagpipe player. Basically you learn on the little flute/recorder like part first, called a chanter. My goal is to become a community member of NCSU Pipes and Drums. On 07/10/2007 my bagpipes arrived from Scotland! I got McCallum Bagpipes.

Banjo - Updated - 10/09/2005
I have a Deering Goodtime 2 I picked up in April 2005. I'm currently a beginner learning both clawhammer and finger picking styles. I've just started clawhammer style and will start finger picking style in the future.

Bass - Updated - 10/09/2005
I have a Fender Jazz Bass I picked up in August 2005. I'm currently a beginner. I have already learned 1 song on bass, "Ramble On" by Led Zeppelin. I plan to work on my scales so I can improv on the bass better.

Drums (hand percussion) - Updated - 04/09/2005
I started hand drumming around October 2003. Drums I have include LP congas and matching bongos (Afro-Cuban/Latin), a Remo djembe (African) and Full Circle Drums doumbec (middle eastern).

Didgeridoo - Updated - 04/09/2005
I have a didgeridoo shipped in from Australia I picked up in October 2002. My interest in the sound was sparked from watching the Crocodile Dundee movies as a kid. I have a bullroarer and clapsticks, just like the didgeridoo, they are Aboriginal instruments.

Guitar - Updated - 01/10/2007
I have a Sigma acoustic and new Ibanez RGT6EX FX and I love it. I have played guitar since sometime around 1995. I used to play in some alternative rock and metal bands in 1999-2000. It was fun. Guitar is my primary instrument, and I prefer the electric.

Piano - Updated - 04/09/2005
I used to play piano as a young child and was pretty good. I started just this week with the Level 1A book to relearn how to play. I'm primarily doing this to relearn some music theory and how to read music. The ability to play piano again is just a side effect.

Various - Updated - 10/09/2005
Other various instruments I play include: agogo, chimes, clave, cowbell, maracas, quiro, shekere, and triangle.

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