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Breakneck Mountain Ntrak Module

Scenery - Stage 1

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I will be using 2" foam to build the base for the scenery. This is lightweight and easy to shape.

I weathered my track with an airbrush. (Thanks to David D.) I used Polly S Rail Tie Brown, and highlighted a little with Rust.

Special Announcement: I have returned from my research trip and have photos of Breakneck Mountain, NY! Now I can continue forward with shaping my mountains with foam!

Note: Shape your mountains BEFORE you glue them to your table top if at all possible. I used the Woodland Scenics hot wire cutter.

I completed shaping the foam with my hot wire foam cutter! I am sorry I forgot to take a photo of the foam on the module before I shaped it. I elevated the road using Woodland Scenics risers.

Note: Protect your track from drips and messes. I taped newspaper down to protect mine.

I added plaster cloth on top of the road riser and for smoothing the elevation changes on the edges of the road and river.

I used the Woodland Scenics road system for creating my 2 lane highway, 1-5/8 inches wide. To the left is the paving tape and to the right are the results after the tape has been removed. As the tape is 1/16th of an inch thick, so is the resulting pour. I'll sand and paint later.

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